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The Permanent Match - Bundle Offers!

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The Permanent Match - Bundle Offers!
The Permanent Match - Bundle Offers!
The Permanent Match - Bundle Offers!

Winter is coming! Are you ready to start the fires?

This amazing invention needs only a tiny bit of lighter fluid and is as good as a box of 10,000 matches!

Simply remove the match, strike on the built-in flint and you're ready to go!

Better yet, it's small enough to add to your keychain!

Get the season's hottest product today!


Isn’t it annoying when you can’t use your lighter or a match because it is windy or raining? This stainless steel match will be a lifesaver on your next outdoor adventure!
It works fine anywhere, anytime and in any condition, including humid climate and when is windy. 
  • Instantly and easily creates a durable flame
  • Works even in toughest conditions
  • Easy and convenient to have around
  • Useful in emergency situations
Our Emergency Match Lighter can save lives!



Whether you're inside or out, the handy Match Lighter will always produce the best flame!