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(2 Pack) Permanent Tire Pens

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(2 Pack) Permanent Tire Pens

The Permanent Tire Paint Pens allow you to write, mark, or draw on your tires!

The paint is non-toxic, permanent, odorless, water resistant, and non-fading.

With the help of the Permanent Tire Paint Pens, you can conceal scratches on your tires or on your car.

A must-have for car and art lovers!

Looks like a regular marker, it's easy to store and use!

Use it just like you would a regular marker.

Add accents to your tires, color it, beautify it. Put some design on it!

With the quality of the ink, you don't have to worry that it will wash off even after having your car washed. The ink stays on!

Personalize your car with the Permanent Tire Paint Pens! Write your name, signature, or whatever you want! Make it truly your own!