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(1 Pack) Seamless Shoulder Pads

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(1 Pack) Seamless Shoulder Pads
(1 Pack) Seamless Shoulder Pads

Are you ready for a fashion statement that will elevate your stature, composure, and confidence?

Feel strong, sexy, and powerful by adding the Seamless Shoulder Pads to your wardrobe!

Made with premium silicone material that has a vent hole design, these shoulder pads are 100% breathable.

Whether you want to look less narrow, or you want to go all 80s and get that bulk, this is the perfect shoulder pads for you!

Best of all, you can use these self-adhesive pads multiple times, as they are washable!

Create an illusion that will make your waist look smaller or make your shoulders look a little broader with the Seamless Shoulder Pads!